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Why Converting?

Reduce your costs

No need to throw away printed sheets as edges chip during the routing process... No need to reprint sheets because fingerprints can be seen on the image... Achieve the correct colors with less ink... Optimizing working hours per worker...
Pay less for every bottle of ink.

Improve your printing process

You'll be able to predict in advance what the exact result of a printing job will be,meaning neither guessing nor trial-and-error way of doing things... Since there's no need for more than just one printing, your printer will be free from any bottlenecks.

Increase your production

Optimizing printing processes guarantees an increase in production capacity. Knowing in advance how many sheets and how many square feet can be printed per hour without failures or waste allows to accurately calculate the production capacity, which in turn
represents man-hours and more profit for the company.

If you're seriously interested in drastically achieving all of the above, you're more than welcome to explore
GoMimaki® 2022.

What is GoMimaki® 2022?

It's a time-sensitive premium plan designed to grow your printing business easier and faster without you spending money in the following:

You will neither spend money on losing media nor on pre-press hours trying to achieve the correct colors as we will build custom profiles during the conversion.

You will NOT spend money on working hours cleaning every single sheet before printing.

You will neither spend money on ordering specialty digital stockings nor on corona treated stockings as there's no need for treatment to have proper adhesion.

"We like Nutec Inks because the prints come out brighter, it dryes faster, it does not chip and it saves a lot of time and money.

It's Awesome!"